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Prescription/result interpretation

support services

There are times when the name of the drug on the prescription bottle does not match the drug identified on the results report. This may be because the bottle lists a trade name instead of the drug name. Or it may be that the laboratory may analyze for the metabolites of a drug, not the parent drug itself. Often in urine drug testing we look for drug metabolites, or what the body breaks the drug down into as opposed to analysis of the parent drug. The parent drug is either not present in the urine, or is present in such low amounts for such a short amount of time, that testing for it is not practical.

If you have questions regarding whether the results of your drug testing match the prescription medication taken by the patient/donor, please contact a scientist at the laboratory. We will be happy to assist you.

New verses residual use evaluation support

There are times where it is essential to distinguish new drug use from residual drug use. If the specimens are collected at least a week apart, that distinction can often be readily made. If the specimens are collected within just a couple of days, this distinction becomes more complicated. Depending on the drug involved, a scientist at the laboratory can usually distinguish between new verses residual use. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will evaluate the results for you.

Active drug use verses passive use evaluation support

Often, a donor/patient will defend or excuse a positive drug test for marijuana as passive exposure. “I didn’t use…I was in a car, or a room, or a closet with someone who did.” While passive exposure may be possible with some drugs like marijuana, often in drug testing it is unlikely given the levels tested and the length of time between exposure and collection of the specimen. Please contact a scientist at the laboratory and we would be happy to evaluate the results with you to determine whether the amount of drug identified may be the result of passive exposure or is absolutely the result of active drug use.

Telephone support

A scientist is always happy to answer any questions you may have about drug testing. We can discuss testing methodology, cutoffs, specimen validity, drug interpretation or any other aspect of testing performed at our laboratory. We also enjoy hearing the stories and explanations that donors/patients may give to excuse a positive result and are happy to separate fact from fiction for you.

Court Support

STL has several levels of support at your disposal for use in court. We are happy to provide interpretation letters, litigation packages or testimony as needed. Our laboratory staff has extensive experience with testimony on the county, city, state and federal levels. Please contact us to discuss any support you may need for court.


Whether your drug testing staff is new or has been drug testing for years, our training offers comprehensive yet easy to understand, real-life information regarding all aspects of drug testing from presumptive verses confirmatory testing, onsite verses laboratory testing and specimen validity testing. We debunk myths and legends and often fill in holes in the knowledge spectrum for even the most veteran staff members. Our feedback has always been very positive and we are often invited back for an encore. We enjoy a spirited back-and-forth and even bring some show-and-tell surprises. We welcome the opportunity to provide training for your staff…or for your judges. Please contact us to arrange it.