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SciTest Laboratories was formed in the summer of 2012 to specialize in pain management and criminal justice testing. Although it is a new company, SciTest has an experienced and successful legacy through an earlier firm formed by some of the same senior managers and investors as the "new" SciTest.

SciTest brings an important new emphasis to the former firm's services - expertise in the fast-growing field of pain management. Pain management is rapidly emerging as a critical area in today's health care world, and we believe it will continue to increase in value and importance as we enter a period of changes to our nation's health care system.

In all cases, SciTest will now be able to provide an even greater degree of accuracy, turnaround speed and efficiency as our predecessor - as enhanced technologies now allow. SciTest is currently assembling new analytical equipment and additions to staff to perform both criminal justice related analysis and testing as well as pain management.

SciTest may be new to the industry and markets, but its name evokes its predecessor, Scientific Testing Laboratories Inc., also known as STL. In 1989, the Drug-Free Workplace Act passed Congress and was signed into law by President Reagan. Suddenly, testing for illegal drugs became a big part of the employment landscape. STL created a niche for itself when it discovered the potential for testing within the criminal justice systems of the country by taking the strict requirements the Drug-Free Workplace program testing provisions and offering it to the criminal justice market.

STL was a success - so much so that it was purchased in 2005 by a company with international reach. Many of the same investment and management team that started and made STL successful formed SanAir Technologies Laboratory.

So when the opportunity to re-enter the drug testing field came to be early in 2012, the legacy bore fruit. The same investment and management team that started STL came together once again to form SciTest. SciTest recognizes the same potential to apply Drug-Free workplace program testing standards to the pain management field, just as it did to the criminal justice market back in the STL days but today with much greater technological capabilities.

The great thing about SciTest is not only its history and experience, but the enhanced technologies now available for analysis...and the fact that pain management is fast emerging as a key component now that our government has begun to promote a new day in the nation's health care field.

SciTest looks forward to the possibilities this new focus will bring. Welcome to our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

SciTest Laboratiories, Inc.
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